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The Women's Affairs Bureau (WAB) established in 1981 is the unit within the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, which gives technical advice on issues relating to the National Policy on women. It is managed by an Administrator who is assisted by two Women's Affairs Officers. You can lso read welcome message here


  1. Welfare and General counseling to women beset by social and economic problems
  2. Training in small business management for female entrepreneurs.
  3. Counseling for small business entrepreneurs.
  4. Training in project preparation, implementation and management.
  5. Dissemination of Information on the historical as well as current status of the women's movement, the significant issues arising from world conferences and related developmental issues concerning gender
  6. Dissemination of Information on gender and development in Guyana to international and regional agencies such as the Commonwealth Secretariat, CIM/OAS, UNIFEM, UNDP, UNICEF, CIDA and other bureaux and agencies includingCaricom.  Most of the information provided is in the format of responses to questionnaires received.

The services provided by this department are available to women in the ten administrative regions of the country.

To serve women in the interior locations, Regional Women Affairs Committees have been established and are conveniently located within the various Regional Administrative Headquarters. These local Committees serve as liaisons between the Regions and the Bureau and are responsible for the implementation of Women and Development programmes in the Regions. They deal with local issues, referring matters to the Bureau as might be necessary. They also serve as focal points in the informal network of women's organisations throughout the Country.


The Bureau advises on matters of policy and programmes, and receives technical support from the following two bodies which were established in accordance with the NATIONAL POLICY ON WOMEN (1996).

(a) The National Commission on Women
(b) The InterMinistry Committee


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